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LSP Newsletter #16

London School of Photography

June 2013

LSP Newsletter #16

Welcome June! Almost half of the year is gone. It is true that time is relative and everyone feels different about it, but if time flew and you didn’t have time to read past LSP Newsletters, you can now catch up with the previous versions visiting LspNewsletter.com 

This new website will soon become a space to ask questions, exchange ideas and check additional content to what is published here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Don’t forget to submit your images to the 2013 LSP Awards, inspired by Sebastiao Salgado’s Genesis exhibition. Win great prizes including a Part Time or Full Time Professional Photography Course at LSP and printspace vouchers.

We send monthly newsletters with tips and news about photography and LSP. Each month we publish a Photo Assignment and by entering images, our subscribers have the chance to win a Voucher for an Evening Workshop at London School of Photography*. 

Teresa Walton WINNER – Assignment #15 – FlowersCongratulations to Teresa Walton, winner of Newsletter Assignment #15 – Flowers

What a beautiful and delicate image! The clean and slightly overexposed background helped to highlight the texture of the tiny pink flowers. This is an important detail to consider as, usually, when shooting flowers outdoors, there are many distracting elements in the background.

A tip for those looking for the same style is carrying a white (or coloured) cardboard with you and placing it behind the flowers.

It was a great challenge to judge the winning image this time, as most of the 136 photographs entered were simply stunning. The standard is getting higher each month.

Teresa wins a Open Date Voucher to attend an Evening Workshop at LSP (worth £295). Workshops included are: Evening Digital Photography Levels 1 and 2, Creative Photography, Career Coaching, Photoshop and Lightroom for Photographers. For a chance to win every month, follow the assignments and upload images to the respective Flickr Gallery.

June’s Assignment #16 is published bellow and the deadline to submit images is 30/June/13. The winner will be announced on Newsletter #17 / July.

Good luck to all!

LSP Students Photo Tip & Assignment #16 – FOODPictures of colourful sushi, elaborate desserts or foamy, steamy coffees. If you have never photographed it, for sure you have seen it somewhere.

In the times of Facebook and Instagram, it became a fever to let the whole world know what we are about to eat (or drink) next.

A very popular workshop, the Food & Product Photography has recently been featured on the Digital Photographer UK Magazine and is also the first to be highlighted in a series of Tips & Assignments inspired by LSP’s Courses and Workshops from this month.

Debbie Castro, LSP’s Director of Training, who has worked with some of the most prestigious names in food, including Michelin star chefs, shares a couple of tips to help you improve your shots.

“Nothing in food photography is haphazard. On average, in a day, only four food images will be taken. A stylist is required to create the look and research. These days it is less common to find food masked in the way it used to be with continuous lighting, but each detail is measured perfectly and placed with tweezers to achieve a natural look. Styling is just as important as the photography and details are the key”, says Debbie.

Food Photography is actually one of the most challenging fields. A great food photo not only needs to look inviting, but in most cases it must make viewer feel hungry as well.

“Many people don’t realise how highly regarded Food Photography is, even though we see it everywhere.”

The majority of food ingredients behave oddly in front of the lens. It is quite common to use “props” (wooden or plastic models that imitate food) for commercial shots or find crazy substitutes that would look the same in the final result (shaving cream instead of milk cream, for example).This is one of my favourite images (left) created with the students at LSP. It is inspired by photographers who work with food in a completely different way. I used to do a “surrealist” theme image with food so that this hopefully opens up people’s eyes to photography and what else is out there.

We used an infinite curve in the background. We set up two lights at 45 degrees angle with large soft boxes, as we wanted a soft even light. The reflections can been seen in the glass lid. The orange segments were chosen so they “pop out” from the blue background. 

We decided to use the napkin on the ‘waiter’s hand in order to give an extra colour and sense of depth. Everyone agreed that the story of the image did not make sense without it. The angle of the camera was decided to be pretty straight with 1/125th of a second, deep aperture of f/11 and ISO 100, so we would have little grain. This was taken with a macro 100mm lens.” 
“It took a while to have all the fingers looking exactly parted and we tethered the camera to Lightroom so we could change minor movements.”Post processing can also be an important step for the final look. Image editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom are used to enhance or correct minor details.

Upload your FOOD images to the Flickr Gallery: ASSIGNMENT #16 for a chance to win an Evening Workshop Voucher at LSP*. Deadline: 30/June/13

Photo: LSP students under the guidance of Debbie Castro and Annalisa Brambilla /  Text: Luciana Franzolin

Sebastiao Salgado Exhibition: GENESISOn the 9th of April, the LSP has attended the the world premiere of Sebastião Salgado: Genesis, an exhibition which unveils extraordinary images of landscapes, wildlife and remote communities by this world-renowned photographer.

Genesis is the culmination of 8 years work exploring 32 countries. It is Salgado’s 3rd long-term photographic exploration of global issues, following his previously acclaimed collections, Workers and Migrations.

Check out some of our images from the Media Preview.

Sebastião Salgado: Genesis

11 April – 8 September 2013

Waterhouse Gallery

Natural History Museum
Ticket prices £10 adults, £5 child and concession, £27 family

Free for Members, Patrons and children under 4

2013 LSP Awards

2013 LSP Awards

Inspired by photography legend Sebastiao Salgado’s GENESIS Project, the 2013 LSP Awards  is accepting submissions until September 2013 into four categories with Winner and Runner-Up prizes and an Overall Winner prize for the submission of outstanding images into all four categories.

Salgado says of this body of work:

“I have named this project GENESIS because my aim is to return to the beginnings of our planet: to the air, water and the fire that gave birth to life, to the animal species that have resisted domestication, to the remote tribes whose ‘primitive’ way of life is still untouched, to the existing examples of the earliest forms of human settlement and organisation. A potential path towards humanity’s rediscovery of itself. So many times I’ve photographed stories that show the degradation of the planet, I thought the only way to give us an incentive, to bring hope, is to show the pictures of the pristine planet – to see the innocence. And then we can understand what we must preserve.”

Sebastião Salgado via Jori Finkel for the NY Times.

Check out some of our images from the Media Preview of Genesis. Don’t miss out on the chance to win.