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LSP Newsletter #2

MARCH 2012

LSP Newsletter #2

It’s Prize Announcement time for LSP this month.

Our first LSP Awards competition received more than a thousand entries into the four different Categories: Street Life, Landmark, Portrait and Nature. Judging proved to be a tough and enjoyable process with a final decision by Antonio Leanza (LSP Founder). Check the winner images bellow!

2012 LSP Awards coincided with the launch of our Part Time and Full Time Professional Photography Courses and we were overwhelmed by the response. Entries to the 2013 competition will open in the Summer.

Also bellow, the winner of LSP Newsletter #1 Assignment on Silhouettes. There is a new assignment this month, don’t miss out on the chance to win.

We send monthly newsletters with tips and news about photography and LSP. Each month we publish a Photo Assignment, and by entering images inspired by them on the respective Flickr Gallery, our subscribers have the chance to win a £150 Discount Voucher redeemed towards any workshop with us*.

2012 LSP Awards WINNERS2012 LSP Awards OVERALL WINNERPhotographer: Slawek Kozdras 

“This picture synthesizes the kind of image we were looking for when the competition was created. An image that translates LONDON and its lively multicultural diversity. The anonymous girls’ “rock chick” hair, her stars tattoo (with a tiny little red one on the top), and flowery dress made all tribes meet at that very moment. The carnival, an annual celebration of life found in many countries of the world, brings more than a million people to Notting Hill every year. The diversity mixed skilfully in this image and the way our eyes were drawn to colors and sounds in the background, shows the photographer has an eye for detail and looked for an unusual angle of view to shoot”
2012 LSP Awards OVERALL WINNER: Slawek Kozdras

STREET LIFE Winner: Elena Baroni, Runner-Up: Tim Atkin

LANDMARK Winner: Dave Willis, Runner-Up: Glenn Parker

PORTRAIT Winner: marai423, Runner-Up: AleLiveView

NATURE Winner: monikucha, Runner-Up: Matteo Tessarolo


WINNER – Assignment #1Congratulations to Veronique, the winner of Newsletter Assignment  #1 – Silhouettes, with this photograph taken in Amsterdam. To see her image and all other images submitted, please visit the link.Veronique won a  £150 Discount Voucher to be redeemed against the value of any LSP Course or Workshop. For a chance to win every month, upload up to five images to our Flickr Group Galleries.March Assignment #2 is published bellow and the deadline to enter images is 10/04/12.  The winner will be announced on Newsletter #3 / April. Good luck!


Photo Tip and Assignment #2 – Spring With Spring officially starting later this month, it is already possible to see the warm sun causing an explosion of colours everywhere. It’s always surprising, even though it happens every year. Whether you live in the city or in the country, spring seems to happen from night to day. Suddenly those dry branches left from winter arise packed in glorious bloom. Bees fly, birds make nests, and yes, pictures of flowers can be a bit of a cliché, but flowers have always been and will always be photographed simply because Nature’s stunning beauty will always strike us, the observers. And Spring is not just about flowers, there is so much happening around. Robin Williams said “Spring is Nature’s way of saying : Let’s Party!”. Have you noticed people seem happier too?The Photo Tip this month starts with a spring clean. It is time to give your equipment that extra attention it misses each time you use the edge of your shirt to clean the lens. Start by taking every thing out of the camera bag and vacuum cleaning it. Dust is your enemy. Empty the pockets, be thorough, then move to your lenses. Remove the filters, use an air blower and brush, then using a lint free cloth finish with a lens cleaning liquid on the glass elements and filters, both sides.Be careful when it comes to cleaning the inside of your camera. The only safe way is using an air blower to remove possible dust from mirror and sensor (using the sensor cleaning function of your SLR). Never touch the sensor, if you have dust, we recommend you send your camera to a professional centre or do a sensor cleaning course and use appropriate kit. The outside of your camera body can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or antiseptic wipe, same for the straps. /use cotton buds for the viewfinder.

All nice and shiny, it’s time to shoot! The sun now still rises at a reasonable time, not as early as mid summer, and the first rays of light are the best. It’s also quieter in the morning, that amazing spring feeling in the air. If you have a macro lens, take it with you. Explore the details, get very, very close. Look for open spaces or spend some time in the garden. Take the camera out with you for a week and stop at a park midway your daily route.

If you like vivid colours, play with the “picture styles” or “optimize image” and “set picture control” functions to use different contrast and saturation options. Changing White Balance filters can also help you to capture the mood. Some prefer post processing, but it’s also fun to press a few buttons we forget when shooting RAW. Try Bracketing your exposures a stop over and under, see what you get. Deep colours for under exposures, hazy sunshine for over exposures.

Upload your images to the Flickr Gallery: ASSIGNMENT #2 for a chance to win a £150 Discount Voucher towards Courses and Workshops at LSP*


Exhibition: MARILYN The Getty Images Gallery presents Marilyn, a collection of imagery and memorabilia to commemorate 50 years since the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe. Showcased in London for the first time, the exhibition will feature a number of original dresses and costumes worn by the Hollywood icon, alongside unique and iconic photographs.Marilyn will include imagery from Monroe’s early years as an aspiring actress through to her rise to international stardom. Accompanying the photographs will be original film costumes and dresses from the legendary collection of David Gainsborough Roberts, owner of one of the largest collections of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia in the world. Original video will also be shown ensuring Marilyn offers an unrivaled glimpse into the life of one of the world’s most famous stars.