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LSP Newsletter #24

Mar 2014  LSP Newsletter #24

Welcome to the March 2014 Newsletter.

Starting two new groups of the Part Time professional Photography Course this month and preparing for another exhibition of the previous two groups in April means a lot of work but also never ending excitement for the LSP team.  From 2015, Part Time and Full Time Professional Photography students will be eligible to take part at an annual exhibition held every Summer. 

LSP is expanding with two new state of the art studios in the heart of London, one of them to be used for Live Streaming and the start of the Online Workshops soon. Keep an eye on future newsletters to receive the news.

We send monthly newsletters with tips and news about photography and LSP. Win Workshop vouchers at  London School of Photography by submitting images to the Photo Assignments every month*.  

Photo Tip & Assignment #24 – Women

Annually on 8 March, the International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide. LSP’s homage to all women this month comes to life in this photo assignment. We want you to show the real beauty, inside or outside (or both), any woman can have.

The large majority of our clients are women, and more and more women are taking photography as a profession as well. Not very long ago, when the word “photographer” was spoken, an image of a man holding a camera usually came to mind. This picture is changing fast and we see several examples of successful women photographers who made and make an incredible contribution to the craft. Just to name a few: Diane Arbus, Eve Arnold, Margaret Bourke-WhiteAnnie Leibovitz, Anne Geddes, Cindy Sherman, among others.

Photographing women is not a very easy thing to do. Most are very self conscious, even actresses and top models, and it takes a good dose of trust and rapport to get a woman to feel relaxed in the front of the lens. Of course, there are exceptions, some women are very at ease and simply love being photographed. In any case, capturing a woman’s essence is what we are looking for this month.

There are so many approaches when it comes to photographing women. A photoshoot can evoke sensuality, femininity, motherhood, strength, power, fragility, or other less common themes like coldness and detachment. It is important to understand the personality of each woman and try to capture it faithfully.

The late Princess Diana was arguably the most photographed woman in the world, but that did not make photographer Mario Testino shy to orchestrate the photoshoot. During an interview to The Telegraph he said: “I did say to her, ‘More black here, less curl here, more lipstick here.’ But that is how I work. I spend the day with the subject, make them relax, we eat together, we drink together and when we are having a good time I say, ‘Let’s decide what the look should be…’”

Famous or not famous, tall, slim, blond, brunette, fair or dark skinned, short or chubby, every woman can look beautiful in a photograph. Aldo Filiberto, professional photographer and LSP trainer is the author of the photograph above of Jessica Choay, a fashion designer, says:  “I really enjoy photographing women, their beauty and their complexity. You need to be very focused and aware, give them all your attention, you have to be really looking, really listening, really caring. It is almost like falling in love every time you photograph them.”

So our tip to photograph women, putting aside technical aspects, is to make sure you make them feel very special. Create a relaxing atmosphere and try several angles and poses. Do head shots and full body shots, vertical and horizontal images. There is even a posing app available to help you, but a simple clipping from some magazines or even a google search can help a lot. 

WINNER – Assignment #23 – Children Portraits

With this lovely portrait of Alex, Tamas Korchmaros won the Newsletter Assignment #23 – Children Portrait prize…AGAIN!

She was also the winner of the previous assignment and we could not help but choosing her again. The back light in the portrait helped to emphasise Alex’s curly hair and the blurred background also helped to makes his big eyes stand out. He is just gorgeous, don’t you agree with us?  

Tamas wins an Open Date Voucher to attend an Evening Workshop at LSP (worth £295). Workshops included are: Evening Digital Photography Levels 1 and 2, Creative Photography, Career Coaching, Photoshop and Lightroom for Photographers. For a chance to win every month, follow the assignments and upload images to the respective Flickr Gallery. 

March’s Assignment #24 is published above and the deadline to submit images is 31 March 2014. The winner will be announced on Newsletter #25 / April.

Good luck to all! 


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