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LSP Newsletter # 3

APRIL 2012
LSP Newsletter #3

We start Spring with an exclusive offer to our existing clients. As we look forward to continually being with you on your photographic journey, we are offering an upgrade to the Full Time Professional Photography Programme with a double discount for all of you who have done at least one workshop with us. Please read bellow for more details. Valid until 31st of May 12.

Check out the winner of LSP Newsletter #2 Assignment – Spring. You can also win by taking part in this month’s assignment: Reflections. Look for tips and inspiration bellow and don’t miss out on the chance to win.

We send monthly newsletters with tips and news about photography and LSP. Each month we publish a Photo Assignment, and by entering images inspired by them on the respective Flickr Gallery, our subscribers have the chance to win a £150 Discount Voucher redeemed towards any workshop at London School of Photography*.

WINNER – Assignment #2 – SpringCongratulations to Dave McGowan, winner of  the Newsletter Assignment # 2 – Spring with his take on St. James’ Park in all its blooming glory. The great depth-of-field reveals details and textures from the foreground to the background. The twisted angle created a pattern of colorful diagonal lines, zigzagging to the trees, leaning on the opposite direction. Well Done, Dave!Choosing last month’t winner wasn’t easy, as all of you sent great images through and some most were simply stunning, so thank you all for participating. To see Dave’s winning picture and all other images submitted, please click on the link.

Dave  wins a  £150 Discount Voucher to be deducted from the value of any LSP Course or Workshop. For your chance to win every month, follow the assignments and upload up to five images to the relevant Flickr Gallery.

April Assignment #3 is published bellow and the deadline to submit images is 10/05/12.  The winner will be announced on Newsletter #4 / May. Good luck to all!


Photo Tip and Assignment #3 – ReflectionsLook Around! They are everywhere: on windows, puddles, mirrors, lakes and in the kitchen. You just need to stop and scan around. “Reflections”, as a theme, can be present in any photographic project you do: landscapes, portraits, architecture, street, and the list goes…A good tip is to start training your eyes to see them, and make photographing reflections an ongoing assignment. It takes a bit of concentration at first, and soon you will find yourself looking at reflections everywhere you go. Not only that, with practice, random juxtapositions start to become intricate compositions that merge bits of reflections and bits of reality in an amazing way. It is a quite challenging type of photography, technically speaking, as the correct exposure and, especially, the right focus and depth-of-field are crucial to achieve the proper effect.

April is here and, with it, so are April Showers. The sunny/rainy days we are experiencing now in London are perfect to hunt for reflections, as the wet pavements become mirrors, and surfaces such as chrome, steel and glass make great reflectors too. The sunny intervals provide the light and contrast you will need. Wait for them. Use deep depth of field (large f-stops) to make sure the reflection is in focus as well as the reflective surface you are photographing. Focusing in the right plane can difficult, so manual focus can be used then.

Beware of camera shake! Setting narrow apertures (large f-stops) to get deep depth-of-field may also give you slow shutter-speeds, as there is little light getting into the camera, therefore you will need more time with the stutter open to capture it. Check your ISO and maybe increase it to avoid motion blur. Try not to use very high ISO values otherwise you will get noisy photos. The use of a tripod could be a good alternative.

Plan your day out shooting but also, practice looking at reflections even when you don’t have your camera, as you will be ready to see when an opportunity arises. The photograph  taken in Paraty, Brazil, (left) could not have been planned beforehand as the sea tide phenomenon, which floods the village’s streets, happens only a few times a year, when weather conditions culminate together, and lasts not very long. The heavy sky shows there is more rain in sight, but the sunny break of warm sunset light provided a great contrast and saturation of colours to the image. Adding people always adds life to images, but be respectful when you photograph.

Upload your images to the Flickr Gallery: ASSIGNMENT #3 for a chance to win a £150 Discount Voucher towards Courses and Workshops at LSP*

Text: Luciana Franzolin

Photo: Alex Mita


Exclusive offer: upgrade to the FULL TIME Professional Photography Course.During the months of April and May only, we are offering a double discount opportunity to our existing clients who opt to upgrade to the Full Time Professional Photography Programme.The first advantage is that we will keep the discounted price of £2995, which we were offering until March until 31st of May for existing clients only (Course is now priced at £3295). This £2995 reduced fee includes a £770 discount in comparison to booking all the workshops that are part of the programme individually.

The second advantage is that the price of any workshops you have already taken with us will be deducted from the £2995 fee as well when you book. This upgrade deal expires on 31st of May, 2012.

Workshops that are part of the FULL TIME Programme

– 4 Days Digital Photography

– Photojournalism & Street Photography

– Portrait Photography

– Studio Lighting

– Food & Product Photography

– Photoshop for Photographers

– Career Coaching

Upgrade explained: If you have already done the 4 Days Digital and PJ & Street courses with us, for example, The £ 1190 you have already paid for both these workshops will be deducted from the £2995 fee, leaving only £1805 remaining for the upgrade, and 5 more workshops to attend.

The Full Time Professional Photography program can be completed at your on pace, from 7 weeks to 6 months time. For more information, please visit the FULL TIME course page.

Don’t miss out on this great deal. Valid until 31st of May. If you are interested in upgrading, please write to LspTraining@yahoo.com quoting “UPGRADE” on the subject line. Please feel free to contact us should you need further information.


Exhibition: ALL ABOUT EVE

As the first woman invited to join the New York office of Magnum Photos, Eve Arnold was a pioneer in photography for her generation. Curated by Brigitte Lardinois, All About Eve will offer a spectrum of incredible works, both vintage and modern, all drawn from Arnold’s personal archive. The only solo exhibition to feature Arnold’s work in the UK this year thus far All About Eve has been selected from a private collection, which also loaned some of the prints for the book. Of the works in the book, almost half have been little exhibited and rarely published, if at all.

Conceived as a retrospective, the exhibition highlights the true diversity of Arnold’s oeuvre. Photographs of actress Marilyn Monroe, many from the set of ‘The Misfits’ (her final film before her death), will sit beside portraits of other Hollywood and West End legends such as Marlene Dietrich, Somerset Maugham, Arthur Miller, Joan Crawford, Peter O’Toole, Isabella Rossellini and Orson Welles.

The exhibition also outlines Arnold’s extensive travels, primarily to Afghanistan, China and Russia. Evocative landscapes of rural China, photographs of the Mongolian militia, asylum patients in Haiti, children in the ghettos of Puerto Rico, Navajo women in the American southwest, portraits of veiled Afghani widows and the ‘oldest men in the world’ in the former Soviet Union all demonstrate Arnold’s interest in the vitality of these little known countries.



2 March – 27 April

7 Howick Place London SW1P 1BB

Open Tuesday to Friday

10am-6pm Saturday, 11am-5pm