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LSP Newsletter #32

This month we welcome you to view the London School of Photography’s brand new Newsletter and accompanying Zine

Each month we will publish our Newsletter with a new theme designed to inspire you!  Every Newsletter will feature a current exhibition or photography book that we feel suitably reflects our chosen theme. The review will be published for you to read in the current Newsletter. We want you to be inspired!

We then want to see your work! Our subscribers are invited to contribute to a new, monthly London School of Photography Zine. The Zine will take the form of a downloadable PDF file attached to the Newsletter email. 

Each month we will invite submissions reflecting the current theme. 

The strongest images from submissions will be published in future editions of the Zine, with the aim of showcasing the amazing talents of our clients, past, present and future studentsThe image chosen for the cover will win an Evening Workshop Voucher

JANUARY ISSUE: In the meantime we have chosen to celebrate the work of the London School of Photography trainers for our inaugural Zine.

Our January 2015 Zine features their work. Our trainers produce high quality work across a variety of genres of photography.


You are all invited to submit your images on this theme for the March issue of our Zine. Upload your photos simply filling the form : HERE

Submissions close on 30th January 2015.

Maximum upload of 3 photos per person, file must be JPG not more than 10MB each.

MARCH ZINE THEME: Inspired by French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, our first contributor led Zine theme is Geometry & Vibrant Colour.  See our exhibition review for inspiration. 

Bourdin uses bold and vibrant colours in many of his photographs and adopts a very geometric approach to composition  – his images are full of shapes and lines. He often sketched out his shots prior to taking an image, taking great care to position each object and backdrop in the manner in which he wanted. The results are beautifully colourful, expertly composed graphic images. 

TIP: In order to capture bold and vibrant colours in your photographs you need to think about light.  Pick a suitable day to shoot on – a sunny & crisp winter’s day is perfect for capturing colour. 

Adjust your Picture Style or Picture Control profile settings for increased colour saturation. These are a set of in-camera processing options, where amongst other options you can control colour saturation. If you increase the levels of saturation, colours will appear more vibrant.  Check your camera’s manual for the location of these options in your camera. 

When shooting underexpose your shot by between 1/3 stop and 2/3 stop to increase the intensity of the colours in your shot

Good Luck!

We can’t wait to see the results. 

For queries about Newsletter and Contest: newsletter@londonschoolofphotography.net



THE photographs that open Guy Bourdin’s (1928-91) new exhibition at Somerset House, curated by Alistair O’Neill and Shelly Verthime, are bold and provocative. They are taken from an unpublished 1979 campaign series for renowned shoe designer Charles Jourdan, called Walking Legs. However, the model is mysteriously absent from each photograph and replaced with mannequin legs, hovering against an English backdrop. The imagery is surreal and the work is fresh and interesting. It’s a wonderful taste of what’s to come. 

If you knew nothing about Guy Bourdin before this show, you could be forgiven for thinking that his photographs conveyed a seedy underworld, produced by a fetish driven voyeur. But as the exhibition shows, women bent over tables, details of telephone cables and boldly coloured walls, as well as close-ups of flesh, lips and nails, comprise some of the fashion’s most exciting photographs both then and now. Originally a painter, influenced by Surrealism and in particular the work of Man Ray, Guy Bourdin’s aim was to ‘disturb first, then delight’. His images display a perfect surrealist ‘convulsive beauty’.

His photographs featured regularly on the pages of Paris Vogue from the 60s through to the 80s. Much revered, he was given creative influence over editorial layout rarely granted to a photographer. Big names called on him for their ad campaigns (Charles Jourdan, Pentax, Chanel). His visually distinct style is displayed here in all its glory across over 100 big and beautiful prints, but this exhibition goes beyond the photographs. Preparation drawings, composition sketches, early paintings, Super 8mm films and Polaroids feature too. There is also a section dedicated to his muse Nicolle Meyer. Bourdin’s obsession with beauty, light and colour is clear but what also resonates his how his ideas were wonderfully simple. 

There is a huge variety of work on show. Bourdin only ever submitted one negative to a magazine’s picture desk, giving the impression that each image has been methodically and meticulously composed, lit and executed. An understanding of this only adds to the appreciation of each and every one of the photographs in this exhibition. 

27 November 2014 – 15 March 2015