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LSP Newsletter #40

   Photo: Andy Warhol – Self-Portrait, 1978

September 2015 – Newsletter #40

Welcome to our September Newsletter.

From today, the Newsletter assignment rules are changing!

Every winner will receive a £200 discount voucher 

to use on any workshop at LSP!

Including the Professional Photography Course.

This week we started a new Part Time Professional Photography Course.

During 6 months, a group of students will go through an amazing journey into the world of photography that will change their lives forever. The professional Photography Course can also be completed as Full Time (7 weeks) or Flexible Time (from 2 to 6 months).

The Course offers a combination of our existing workshops at a discounted rate and can be completed in 7 weeks (FT) or up to 6 months (Flexi). E-mail us at Lsp@LspTraining.co.uk for information. All professional Photography students are eligible to take part in our annual exhibition.

Congratulations to Mike Spencer, the winner of August’s Assignment #39 ‘Minimalism’.

He used the rule of thirds to position the point of interest and the horizon line. Simple composition, dominant colour, all worked well in the image.

Mike wins either an Open Date Voucher to attend any Evening Workshop at LSP (worth £295), which was the prize for the last assignment, or a £200 voucher to attend any Workshop at LSP as we start offering from this month. It is your choice Mike!

September’s Assignment is published below and the deadline to submit your images is September 30th. The winner will be announced in our November Newsletter. Don’t stop sending us amazing pictures!

For any queries about our Newsletter and Contest: newsletter@londonschoolofphotography.net

*  Vouchers are valid for every workshop (apart from Level 1) available on our website calendar.- Bookings must be completed before 31/08/2015.- One voucher per booking.

– Only returning clients are eligible.

– Not valid for new clients.

– No refund or reschedule available for bookings made with the voucher.



Self Portraits became extremely popular thanks to smart phones and social networking.The so called selfies are everywhere, every day, by thousands. In our view, selfies can be understood as a smaller branch of self-portraiture. It is quick and less considered, often featuring “duck faces” and “sausage legs“. But what distinguishes a selfie from a real self-portrait?

A self-portrait, considers the interior of the artist. It’s an occasion to construct your representation, a moment of self-reflection, to pause and to look at yourself through your own medium, be it a camera or a paintbrush or whatever you have. It is an opportunity to declare who you are visually or even who you aspire to be. 

It has always been a favourite assignment during Portrait and Studio Lighting Workshops at LSP It is incredible to see the variety of the images. Some of our students really took self portraits to the next level. An example is Diogo Duarte‘s stunning work. Diogo was in the first ever group of the Professional Photography Course.

There are many remarkable self portraits from famous and unknown photographers. We prepared a Pinterest board for you to get some ideas from, so follow it and get inspired!

Albert Watson, whose image (above) appears in the Lavazza Coffee Calendar wrote: “She finishes her show and finds me waiting for her. She is a burlesque dancer. While we are drinking our coffee, she talks a lot, very fast. I don’t. She often says she is happy to be my muse and that I am friendly. She certainly is. She’d like me to go and see her one time when she is performing. I will go. Then we smile our goodbyes and get into our different taxis. Our paths separate until the next evening, when we meet again at 69 Gansevoort.”. You can check the making of clicking here.

There are a few things to consider before taking your self portrait:

– Ask yourself what personal aspect(s) are you going to reveal. A self portrait does not necessarily need to be a face. It can be a detail of your body or even a representative object. It can be your shadow or a silhouette.

– Mirrors and reflective surfaces are great ways to start looking at yourself through the lens. Practice framing and lighting.

– Use a tripod if not holding the camera, frame and pre-set focus placing an object where you are going to be. Focus on this object and switch to Manual focus (side of the lens) so the camera will not refocus automatically.

– Use self timer or a remote control. Some cameras have the option to take more than one image, Try these features, double exposures, etc…

– Take inspiration from paintings (not necessarily self portraits) or choose a theme to create a series. 

Send us your images for a chance to win a £200 discount on any workshop at LSP.

Please submit your photos here (A maximum of 3 images per person). Click on Login or Register a new account and click on upload.

Deadline: September 30, 2015. 
Get shooting!

Top photo credit:  Albert Watson – The 2012 Lavazza calendar


We love to hear from you after the workshops and were really pleased to read about Anja Korenč’s positive experience with us.

Anja attended the Food & Product Photography Workshop in May 2015 and instead of writing her feedback via email, she wrote it in the form of a blog post. 

That is why this month, instead of featuring an exhibition, we decided to do something different and feature her blog.
Here’s an extract:

“[…] The workshop gave me a lot. A lot of new knowledge, experiences, different points of view, confidence and new acquaintances. I left London with total new perspective and full hard drive of great shots we did with help of two amazing mentors: Derek Lomas and Debbie Castro. Thank you both for learning us. I hope we’ll meet again.”

We took a look at Visual Dish and we suggest you do the same, it is full of amazing food photos and tips for packaging design.

See full post.

We regularly post snapshots and backstage photos of our workshops as they’re happening on our Instagram page: