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LSP Newsletter #41

   Photo: Debbie Castro

October 2015 – Newsletter #41

Welcome to our October Newsletter.

Great news! In November, December and January, for the first time outside the UK, LSP runs 3 Exclusive Masterclasses in Dubai. A unique opportunity held at the Four Season Resort at Jumeirah Beach. Click on the link for more details.

Back in London, there is still time to complete the Professional Photography Course this year. With workshops available on weekdays, weekends and evenings, the Flexible option allows you to make your own schedule from 2 to 6 months. Few places available.

Send your images to our monthly Photo Assignments for a chance to win a £200 discount voucher to attend any course or workshop at LSP.

Congratulations to Dima Asfour, the winner of September’s Assignment #40 ‘Self Portrait’.

We like the careful composition, the leading lines, the set “table for one” and the image makes us curious about what she is thinking and looking at. 

Coincidentally, this portrait perfectly fits in this newsletter as it has beautiful muted colours and soft tones, the chosen theme for the next photo assignment.

Dima wins a £200 discount voucher to attend any Workshop at LSP, including the Professional Photography Course.

October’s Assignment is published below and the deadline to submit your images is October 31st. The winner will be announced in our November Newsletter.



Possibly the most common question asked during our beginner workshop is: “How do I make my colours more vivid?”. The majority of photographers is trying to get vibrancy in their photographs as we are easily attracted by bold, saturated colours.

This month we will ask you to do the opposite: Look for muted colours to compose your images! Be it abstract, as Debbie Castro’s main newsletter image, or figurative, as the image above taken by students during our Food & Product Photography Workshop, think only pastels and soft tones.

To get naturally muted colours, photograph at dusk or down times. If not possible, p
oint your camera away from sunlit areas and look for shades as sun light makes colours more vibrant.
We prepared a 
Pinterest board for you with gorgeous colour palettes and inspiring images. Have a look at it before taking your camera out. Autumn colours can also look beautiful in soft tones.

Muted colours are usually described as “soothing”,  “neutral”, “milky”, “washed out” or “desaturated”. They lack chromatic content. In painting, they can be achieved by mixing a complementary colour to the colour you would like to mute. If equal quantities of complementary colours are mixed up, the result is always grey.

The same principle can be tried with Photoshop if instead of taking new photos, you would like to mute the tones of images already taken. We share now two different ways of softening the colours in five easy steps using Photoshop.


Before starting make sure you are viewing the “Layer” window on your Photoshop screen. (Open Photoshop, click on “Window” and tick “Layers”). A Layer window should appear on your screen.

1- Open image,
2- Click on “Background” Layer with the right button, then “Duplicate Layer”,
3- Select new Layer and type Ctrl+i (Windows) or Cmd+i (Mac) to inverse the colours.
4- Set the Opacity of this new layer to 20% (more or less, depending on the image)
5- Flatten image and save a copy.


1- Open image, 
2- Click on “Image – Adjustments” and “Hue / Saturation” (shortcut is Ctrl+U (Windows) or Cmd+U (Mac),
3- Desaturate your image moving the Saturation slide to the left until – 50 (More or less)
4- Add about +20 Lightness, moving slide to the right.
5- Save a copy.

Send us your images for a chance to win a £200 discount on any workshop at LSP.

Please submit your photos here (A maximum of 3 images per person). Click on Login or Register a new account and click on upload.

Deadline: October 31st, 2015. 

Photo taken at LSP – Food & Product class, 2014.

*  Vouchers are valid for every workshop (apart from Level 1) available on our website calendar.
– Only returning clients are eligible. Not valid for new clients.
– No refund or reschedule available for bookings made with the voucher.


Once again we are featuring one of our students.

Jim Fidler came back to us with a lovely email and a project we felt was worthy of everyone’s attention. Here’s what he wrote:

“Just want to say thank you to LSP for after a week long course in London in 2012, my skills as a photographer increased dramatically. As a consequence I drummed up the courage to publish a book of my photographs of China to raise money for Chinese orphans with cleft palate.

Without the inspiration of that week in London I would not have had the courage to start the book. I thank you and the 10 babies who had operations paid for from the proceeds of the book thank you.
Jim Fidler

All photos from “Looking in” by Jim Fidler.

We regularly post snapshots and backstage photos of our workshops as they’re happening on our Instagram page: