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Photo: Kent Shiraishi for National Geographic

December 2015 – Newsletter #43

Welcome to the December Newsletter.

We are closing another year with some great numbers. Over 500 new students took part in workshops at LSP in 2015. Our newsletter approaches 10.000 subscribers and our Facebook page is heading to the 70.000 followers mark.

Our first Dubai Masterclass was a success and the places are filling up for the next Portrait and Travel Photography ones happening in December and January respectively. There is a special discount for newsletter subscribers and very few places available. Use the voucher code LSPDUBAI20 to get 20% off.

Check out our Christmas Gift Voucher options and make someone feel special this year.

Send your images to our monthly Photo Assignments for a chance to win a £200 discount voucher to attend any course or workshop at LSP.

Congratulations to Cordelia Grabbe who won November’s Assignment #42 – Abstract


We thought the image looked beautiful and super in tune with our colour palette this month. According to the author, these are “water drops on a barrel”. It is nice how it created some glare and flare with the blue light.

Cordelia wins a £200 discount voucher to attend any Workshop at LSP, including the Professional Photography Course.

December’s Assignment is published below and the deadline to submit your images is December 31st. The winner will be announced in our January Newsletter.

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voucher code: LSPDUBAI20

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Yes, it is very cold outside, unless, of course, you are somewhere in the southern half of our beautiful planet. Freezing weather is enough to make many photography enthusiasts put their cameras away until the first leaves and flowers appear in Spring.

If you are one of them, you could be missing out on the opportunity to capture stunning images to include in your collection of landscape shots. Follow the tips below to help you to get the winning shot.

1- Use a tripod: To get deep depth of field (everything is focus) with small apertures (high f/number) and at the same time using low ISO for fine grain (or noise), you will notice that your shutter speed will be quite slow. To avoid camera shake when you are shaking of cold, always carry a tripod with you.

2- Golden hours: Early morning and late afternoon (sunrise and sunset) are the perfect times to photograph nature. The side light we get when the sun is near the horizon emphasises textures and explodes in beautiful colours. If the show is not great that day, play with the white balance and add bluish or pinkish filters to increase the cold feel (tungsten/incandescent or fluorescent WB settings).

3- To get sparkly white snow, overexpose the light meter making sure that the RGB Histogram reaches the right end (highlights) when you check the picture information on your camera LCS screen. If you don’t do that, the snow in your pictures will be grey, not white. Take enough care not to overexpose too much and loose texture and details.

4- Cold weather can take its toll on your camera, and even cause permanent damage. Batteries run out very quickly when the temperature drops. Remember to take an extra battery pack and carry it in an inside pocket to keep it warm; this will help maximise its life once you start using.

5- Humidity is the worst enemy. To keep your camera protected from condensation, ensure that any temperature changes happen as gradually as possible, for example, leaving your camera in an intermediate place (e.g. garage) for at least one hour before going out. When back from shooting, put your camera in an air-tight bag and add a sachet of silica gel. 
Send us your winter landscape images for a chance to win a £200 discount voucher to book any Course or 
Workshop at LSP (not valid for Dubai Masterclasses).

We prepared a Pinterest board to get you inspired.

Please submit your photos here (maximum 3 images per person). Login or register to be able to upload. Deadline: December 31st, 2015.

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Photo1 © Vincenzo Mazza – Photo2 © Michael Melford 


A tiny report:


London School of Photography Annual Exhibition 2015 (Private View)

Full Time, Part Time and Flexible
Professional Photography Course
students can take part in our annual exhibition

The London School of Photography Professional Photography Course students showcased their work at Blackall Studios last month. We want to thank everyone who participated and came to visit their show, people were impressed with the high level of professionalism and we received lots of positive feedback.

Keep up the good work guys and keep an eye on the next call for entries!

Best Wishes
The Lsp Team

Video © Antonio Leanza
Photoa © Debbie Castro, Caterina Nasini