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LSP Newsletter #44

Photo: Serje Najjar

January 2016 – Newsletter #44

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a fantastic time during the holidays and are ready to kick start another year with new photographic projects. This month we feature Architecture Photography Tips and an Exhibition by LSP Professional Photography Course student Diogo Duarte, who graduated in 2012.

If becoming a professional is one of your New Year resolutions, the time is now! The next Part Time Photography Course starts on the 3rd of February with a special price and lessons every Wednesday for six months.

The same Course can also be completed as Full Time (7 weeks) and Flexible Time (from 2 to 6 months) and if you have ever done a workshop with us, you can upgrade to the Professional Programme deducting any amount paid by you from the fee.

Send your images to our monthly Photo Assignments for a chance to win a £200 discount voucher to attend any course or workshop at LSP.

Congratulations to Valentina Giacomini who won November’s Assignment #43 – Winter LandscapeWhat a fantastic image of ice spreading in the landscape partially lit by fiery sun. Beautiful contrast and composition. Settings: ISO: 200, Aperture: f/2, Shutter speed: 1/500s, Focal length: 50mm, Camera:NIKON D700.

Valentina wins a £200 discount voucher to attend any Workshop at LSP, including the Professional Photography Course.

January’s Assignment is published below and the deadline to submit your images is January 31st. The winner will be announced in our February Newsletter.

Photo © Matthias Heiderich


If you live in town and love photography, sooner or later you will be photographing the buildings around you. The static nature of architecture gives photographers a great subject to practice and can be a reference for observation and learning about light and its direction, intensity and colour.

Choose a building that you like and photograph it during different times of the day (and night) and note the different results. Practice composition as well, swapping lenses and changing your point of view.

Wide angles lenses are usually favoured by architecture photographers as more of the building can “fit” in the picture but telephotos allow you to explore details and unique framing options too.

Wide angle lenses have perspective distortion in the form of lines that should be straight, but appear curved. That can be corrected with right positioning of the camera or the use of tilt & shift lenses

When shooting with wide angles, too low or too high point of views can result in converging lines. Placing the camera at mid-height will probably guarantee straight lines. Telephotos flatten perspective and can result in an interesting juxtaposition of focal plans.

Photo © Serge Najjar
Look for patterns and repetition of lines, shapes and colour as seen in the images by Berlin based Matthias Heiderich and Beirut based Serge Najjar who create brilliant and fresh architecture inspired photographs of the two capitals.

Najjar almost always includes a person in his images, which gives a sense of scale and helps the viewer to project him(her)self into the picture.

Don’t wait for the next time you go to the country to take your camera out of the bag. Take it with you tomorrow, on your way to work. Expand your horizons and look up. Let your creativity flow and send us your architecture images for a chance to win a £200 discount voucher to book any Course or Workshop at LSP.

We prepared a Pinterest board to get you inspired.

Please submit your photos here (maximum 3 images per person). Login or register to be able to upload. Deadline: January 31st.

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3 February/13 July 2016




Diogo Duarte

Photo © Diogo Duarte

Diogo Duarte, who graduated at LSP in 2012, says:

“I am very excitied to invite you to Zealous X’s 2016 Festival, where part of my latest work will be showcased! 

The Festival, including the Photography exhibition which I will be part of, will be at the Rich Mix Foundation in Shoreditch. Entry to the Photography exhibition is free and will remain open until the 27th January 2016. 

Zealous X showcases the most exciting UK based creative talents alongside a programme of industry talks, exhibitions, workshops, filmmaking, gaming, demonstrations, get-togethers and gigs. Myself and the other artists taking part would really appreciate your support.”


Rich Mix Cultural Foundation
5-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA
Thursday, January 7, 2016 9:00 AM —
Sunday, January 17, 2016 10:00 PM GMT