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LSP Newsletter #46

Photo © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

March 2016 – Newsletter #46

Welcome to our March Newsletter

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Barbican Gallery to offer special prizes and inspiration for our March and April Assignments.

We focus on the work of British documentary photographer Martin Parr. This month, two exhibitions are launching in London: Unseen City, with photographs by Parr and Strange and Familiar curated by him.

If you have ever done a workshop with us, you probably heard us talk about Parr, whose distinctive style “breaks the rules” of what is usually conceived as a “good photograph”. His playful, yet unforgiving eye depicts society (and its blemishes) in an unique and colourful way.

Check out the March Inspiration + Assignment below and submit your images to win a £200 discount voucher to attend any course or workshop at LSP plus two complimentary tickets to see Strange and Familiar at the Barbican Art Gallery.


Congratulations to Matthew Battison who won February’s Assignment #45 – Simmetry

A great way to photograph “The Shard” and its surroundings. Matthew wins a £200 discount voucher to attend any Workshop at LSP, including the Professional Photography Course.

March’s Assignment is published below and the deadline to submit your images is March 31st. The winner will be announced in our April Newsletter.

Photo © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos


Have you been to London and photographed something curious or unseen? Have you ever looked at the city through an unusual angle and captured it?

If your answer is Yes, the assignment is completed for you.

If the answer is Not, we invite you to wander and wonder at this incredible town. We want you to see (and show us) what (almost) nobody sees. Do you know anything about the Soho Noses or the Covent Garden Ears? What about the dummy houses at Leinster Gardens? Have you seen what is behind them, very well hidden?

There is a windmill in Brixton and a metal lighthouse opposite Kings Cross station. There are so many things we have never noticed about London because we are too busy to stop and see.

Inspired by Martin Parr’s newest exhibition, Unseen City, we challenge you to show us something new about London (or something old, seen in a new way).

Unlike Parr, you won’t need access to secret societies and guilds. All it takes to discover a hidden world is curiosity. Look at things through every possible point of view. Take your camera with you, change the way you go to work. Observe and be ready to shoot.

This assignment is more about seeing than setting up the camera but if you need an advice to capture something very quickly, without being noticed and without having camera shake, set your camera on a high ISO (above 400) with a wide aperture (small f/number). This ensures more light into the camera and gives you the fastest possible shutter speeds.

If the speed you get is not fast enough, keep increasing the ISO. Just remember that, the higher the ISO, the more grainy (or noisy) your image will look. Previously test your camera shooting at high ISOs and define up to what value the grain is acceptable to you.

We prepared a Pinterest board to get you inspired about Unseen London things.

Send us your images to win a £200 discount voucher to book any Course or Workshop at LSP plus two complimentary tickets to see Strange and Familiar at the Barbican Art Gallery.

Please submit your photos here (maximum 5 images per person). Login or register to be able to upload. Deadline: March 31st.

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Level 1 Photography
(£250 instead of £295)
4 Days Photography (Levels 1 and 2 combined)

 (£550 instead of £595)



Former Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf at the Silent Ceremony in 2013 (Credit: Martin Parr/Magnum Photos)


Photos by Martin Parr

View the City of London through the lens of acclaimed Magnum photographer Martin Parr. Explore the pomp, ceremony and behind-the-scenes activity as Parr brings the City to life, capturing the traditions and people who make up the colourful Square Mile.

Martin Parr has been the City of London’s photographer-in-residence since 2013. During this time, Parr has been granted unprecedented access to high-profile occasions where guests have included Her Majesty The Queen and dignitaries. The resulting images offer a new perspective on the City of London and create a significant documentary record of its colour and character for years to come. – See more..

​4 March – 31 July 2016
Guildhall Art Gallery,
London EC2V 5AE

Unseen City: Photos by Martin Parr coincides with another exhibition, Strange and Familiar:Britain as Revealed by International Photographers curated by him. From 16 March to 19 June 2016 at Barbican Gallery.

Send your images to March and April assignments for a chance to win two complimentary tickets to see Strange and Familiar + a £200 voucher to attend any workshop at LSP.



The first image published on our February Newsletter is by Michael Levin, not Michael Keena. Levin is a Fine Art Photographer leaving in Vancouver, Canada. His work is strikingly beautiful and can be checked out at http://www.michaellevin.ca.

Thanks to Carlos Richer for sending us an e-mail and pointing it out and sincere apologies to Levin.