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LSP Newsletter #51

© Steve McCurry/MagnumPhotos


Welcome to LSP August Newsletter!

It’s mid-August and chances that you are travelling when you open this e-mail are high. We all agree at LSP that a camera is the best travel companion ever. Check out below how to improve your travel photographs inspired by Magnum photographers Steve McCurry, Martin Parr and the Travel Photographer of the Year competition winners.

Submit your images to win a £200 discount voucher to attend any course or workshop at LSP, including Part Time, Full Time and Flexible Professional Photography Courses.

The next Part Time Professional Photography Course starts on 7th September 2016 with classes every Wednesday and there are now only two places available.




Congratulations to Sonya Metzler who won July’s Assignment #50 – Street Fashion

“Her vintage style caught my attention” says Sonya. “A former bridesmaid’s dress combined with a hat bt M&S and the vintage case made it into my top 5”. Ours as well!

Technical information: ISO: 400. Aperture: f/2, Shutter speed: 1/250s, Focal length: 50mm, Camera Model: NIKON D800.

Sonya wins a £200 discount voucher to attend any Workshop at LSP,

© Steve McCurry/MagnumPhotos


When we ask our students why they want to learn photography, many answer that they want to improve their travel photographs.

Nothing better than travelling to ignite a desire to photograph more. A camera can be your best companion whether you travel with a group or alone. While new places, peoples and scenery are easy sources of inspiration, it is also easy to fall victim to cliches.

When things are new around us, everything attracts our attention. In the digital era, when we have thousands of clicks to shoot, a lot of people photograph everything without really thinking about it, simply capturing as much as possible of what they see.

This is a mistake. Whenever visiting a new place, we need to stop for a while and observe, try to define what attracts us most and, more importantly, what story we would like to say about the destination. When we do that, we create a frame of mind that influences our choices and, incredibly, we start seeing things that would be invisible otherwise.


Magnum Photographer Martin Parr has an interesting (and witty) body of work about tourism. He says that a common problem is the relationship between expectation and reality: how we imagine that a place will be, and the reality of what that place looks like.

It can all be a bit frustrating when the weather is bad, the tourist attraction is packed with people or you arrive at a wonderful place to photograph at mid day, when the light is terrible, for example.

A classic tip to improve your images and make them stand out is to try a lot with composition. Vertical and horizontal images. Use the rule of thirds, than break the rule. Light is always the most important thing. A photo editor of National Geographic Traveller magazine once said he would rather see a line of laundry shot in beautiful light, than the Taj Mahal shot in dull ugly light.

Great travel photography requires some planning, including a study about where the sun rises and sets, what time it is best to be at specific places and when possible, visit the same place more than once, at different times and seasons. Early morning and late afternoon will give the best light conditions with colour, intensity and direction.


A good idea for travel photography is to make a “collection of things”, for example: windows, doorways, a specific colour, etc…

Michael Hughes, who works as a freelance photographer in Germany, has created a set of optical illusions in which tacky souvenir replicas of famous landmarks are placed in front of the real thing.

Have a camera bag checklist and make sure you have extra memory cards, batteries, charger with cable, travel adaptor, a lens cleaning kit and maybe a small tripod.

Travel Photography incorporates many fields: Landscapes, Wildlife, Portraits, Architecture, etc… We prepared a Pinterest board to get you inspired. Send us your images to win a £200 discount voucher to book any Course or Workshop at LSP.

Please submit your photos here (maximum 5 images per person). Login or register to be able to upload. Deadline: September 10th.

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Explore the world without getting on a plane at this free exhibition of awe-inspiring images. The winning entries of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2015 are on display at the University of Greenwich’s new building, next to Greenwich Park.

What began in Chris and Karen Coe’s kitchen in 2003 has grown to become a highly regarded photography prize receiving entries from over 100 countries. Explore the Louisiana wetlands, come face-to-face with a curious pelican, or wander the back streets of Chinese villages via these prize-winning shots.

Often the images are the result of both extreme luck and extreme skill, not only do you have to be in the right place at the right time, you need to be ready to press the button and have remembered to take off the lens cap.

You’re guaranteed to leave feeling inspired to snap and shoot so it’s worth flagging up the closing date for the 2016 edition: October 1

DETAILS: University Of Greenwich
Address: 10 Stockwell Street, London, SE10 9BD
Event website: http://www.tpoty.com