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LSP Newsletter #9


LSP Newsletter #9

Welcome to October’s newsletter. Last month LSP celebrated the start of the second Part Time Professional Photography Course and the success of the Full Time Professional Course, with more than thirty students graduating since it’s start earlier this year.

Welcome to the new season! Check the winner of last month’s Photo Tip & Assignment and some creative and interesting insights to inspire your Autumn photographs.

We send monthly newsletters with tips and news about photography and LSP. Each month we publish a Photo Assignment, and by entering images, our subscribers have the chance to win a £150 Discount Voucher redeemable towards the value of any workshop at London School of Photography*. 

WINNER – Assignment #8 – At the ZooCongratulations to Marco Sebold, winner of  September’s Newsletter Assignment # 8 – At the Zoo

The portrait of a gorilla, one of men’s closest genetic evolutionary cousins, reveals so much similarity to our own expressions that it is very easy to relate to the pensive look in it’s face.

The accurate focus on the eyes helps to establish this connection, guiding the viewer’s eye through the image. The photographer also eliminated distracting elements from the background, filing the frame with the subject, which is one of the ways of photographing in a Zoo making it look like we are photographing in the wild.

Marco wins a  £150 Discount Voucher redeemable towards the value of any LSP Course or Workshop. For your chance to win every month, follow the assignments and upload up to five images to the respective Flickr Gallery.

October’s Assignment #9 is published bellow and the deadline to submit images is 03/November/12.

The winner will be announced on Newsletter #10 / November. Good luck to all!


Photo Tip & Assignment #9 – Autumn ColoursAutumn is already here and it brings the most dramatic landscape changes of all the seasons. The greenness of summer turns yellow, orange and blood red, leaves fall covering parks and streets with a colourful carpet.

Antonio Leanza, founder of LSP, captured the image (left) giving emphasis to the leaves on the ground by using the “rule of thirds”, filling the two lower thirds of the frame with them.

The rule of thirds is a powerful composition tool that can effectively make an image look more aesthetically pleasing. It states that an image can be improved when its subjects are composed along imaginary lines which divide the image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. It’s purpose is mainly decentralize the main subject, placing it along the lines or at the intersections of the thirds, as shown in the inage bellow:

Antonio points that the time of the day and the quality of light are of extreme importance when photographing city/landscapes. He says: “Wait for the golden hours,  just after sunrise and just before sunset”. Golden here refers to the warm tones that sun light provides at these times of the day. Adding to that, the angle and direction of the sun light at these times is perfect to reveal textures, volume and depth.

If it is impossible to wait for the perfect light, playing a bit with the White Balance function of your digital camera might just do the trick. White Balance options work like filters placed in the front of the lens, they substitute the bulky kit photographers had to carry around when using film to cool down or warm up a scene.

Warm-up filters here are the key for mimicking a golden light and you can get this effect by changing the White Balance from Auto to “Cloudy” or “Shade” setting. They are very similar warming filters and will immediately change the fell of your photographs.

Use it as a start point to play with the other White Balance settings. See how each of them affects your photo, take some notes and use them independently of the light condition they suggest.

Upload your Autumn images to the Flickr Gallery: ASSIGNMENT #9 for a chance to win a £150 Discount Voucher towards Courses and Workshops at LSP*.

Photo: Antonio Leanza / Text: Luciana Franzolin


Luciana Franzolin

Luciana Franzolin, Director of Training at London School of Photography, has been selected to exhibit at the festival Passion for Freedon. Artists were asked to respond to these three questions:

1. What is freedom?

2. How easy is it to lose it?
3. How hard is it to get it back?

The exhibition opens on 3rd of November at the UNIT24 Gallery, near the Tate Modern.

The selected 37 artists and writers from 12 countries unite in this show with work on the themes of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression.

During the festival we can see art from Mexico, Canada, China, Poland, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UK, Italy and USA. ‘Their works not only exercise the freedom of expression. There are works that openly debate the importance of humanistic values; freedom to learn, question and to experience life in all its beauty.’ – says Agnieszka Kolek, exhibition curator.
20 Great Guildford St,London SE1 0FD,

next to Tate Modern